Influencers at Social Media

RANKWAVE calculates your social influence score with evaluating
your social activities and received responses from your friends.
Check your social influence score everyday.


Would you join the Brand Party?

PARTY is a social influence marketing platform. We select social influencers from our user data base
and utilize them as social marketing volunteers.

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Our Clients

  • skplanet
  • 11st
  • oncompany
  • home&house
  • sshowcase
  • hongdae fest


Insight for Social Business

We provide Facebook user analysis data for clients in real-time. Clients can do cross-tab analysis in detail with 14 filters
without any additional installation or maintaining cost because this is provided based on SaaS.

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Help your Facebook fanpage monitoring

Who is the most loyal fan of yours?
What are they doing? We provide elaborate analysis of social data which Facebook Insight can't.

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Real-time Social Issue Alerting

For 24 hours, We monitor social keywords which clients are concerned of through our real-time social analysis.
We alert these analysis to our clients via SMS as soon as we find any abnormal patterns of the keywords

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Targeting customers based on analyzing social check-in data

Rankplace provides tailored service and advertisement based on users' real time life log in social data.
It enables the local businesses to focus on their target market and eventually to increase their revenue.